4 Super Easy Steps How to pass algebra 1?

Are you struggling to get good marks in algebra 1 or any math exam?

Algebra 1 is simple and faster than other math exams. Doing these four things daily will help you not only pass algebra 1 or any math exam but also score good grades.

Math is a subject that consists of numbers. Playing with numbers becomes fun when you start liking it and you like it if you find interest in it. Interest can be built if someone explains the concept/topic in a way you can easily understand and remember. Easy understanding comes if calculation with numbers becomes easy. To make it easy you just need to understand the magic of numbers by doing these four things daily.

1. Understanding of basic algebra

Math hacks and shortcuts - How to pass algebra 1
How to pass algebra 1

Take a very basic topic that you like in math. It can be a topic that you find a little simple and easy to understand. It can belong to your textbook/workbook lesson or it can be any topic from your previous grades.

Recall whatever you know about that topic. Once done understand two more things about it. Keep on doing this daily until you feel you have enough knowledge about it.

2. Play with number

How to pass algebra 1- students playing with numbers
How to pass algebra 1 – Play with number

Daily so five addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Looks simple right? It is simple but now you must be wondering does this help? Yes, this helps a lot in scoring complete marks in the math exam. Think about when your teacher checked your math paper and gave it to you to recheck your paper once. Seeing that you must have at least said once., oh no! I made a silly mistake in addition or subtraction else I would have scored little more marks in the exam.

This makes us understand the importance of these basic operations to solve an example. But doing just 2 + 2 won’t help more. For a week do only small additions of a single digit, next week go with two digits, another week with three digits, another one with fractions, then with few numbers containing positive signs and few with negative signs, and another week with complex numbers. Slowly keep on increasing your level by adding little complexity. Once done keep repeating the process.

3. Solve 5 examples

Math hacks and shortcuts - Multiplication equations one step equation
Multiplication one step equation

Take a lesson from your book in which you are trying to score good marks. Take lesson 1 and solve the first five examples on day 1 from it. Next day do a small revision of day 1 examples and solve another five examples. On day 3, revise day 1 and day 2 five examples and solve another five. Keep on doing this till the whole lesson is covered.

Once done then go on with next lesson. Doing these 3 steps daily will definitely give you brimful result.

4. Bonus point to get full marks in the math’s exam

If you keep on doing all three steps explained above daily, it will lead you to score good marks in the exam. This can also help you to score full marks in the school math exam. But if you want to score in competitive exams repeat all the above three steps by placing a timer. Say if you need 3 minutes to solve an addition, put the timer to 2.8 minutes. Once you can solve it in 2.8 minutes trying to do it in 2.6 minutes. Keep reducing the timer and this will sharpen your brain and increase your thinking power. You can also find some hacks like squares and cubes of number

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