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In this mini-lesson, you will be introduced to the concept of probability of drawing a card from a pack of 52 cards. You will learn interesting facts about the deck of cards, suits in a deck of cards, and types of cards in a deck. You will also know more about several cards in a deck and face cards in a deck by gathering more knowledge about 52 card decks and spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs in a pack of cards. You will also know the probability of any card/combination of cards drawn from a deck of 52 cards called Cards Probability.

       Here’s a trivia fact for you. Did you know that the playing cards that we use today have transformed from when they began, centuries ago? It is said it took about a hundred years that involved travel, which made the present-day 52-card deck culturally diverse as it was used by travelers back then. It was believed that playing cards originated in China during the Tang Dynasty. 

Cards Probability - Playing cards

Do you think if you were given the well-shuffled deck of cards shown above, would you draw a queen in the first go?

Well, you may or may not draw a queen in the first go.

Is it possible to say that you might end up drawing a king instead of a card that is a queen from those 52 cards?

Yes, you might end up drawing a king instead of a queen from those 52 cards as you may or may not draw a queen in the first go.

Stay tuned to find out answers like the probability of drawing a king!

Lesson Plan

  1. What do you mean by a deck of cards?
  2. Important notes on card probability
  3. Tips and Tricks
  4. Solved Examples of Card Probability
  5. Interactive Questions on Card Probability

What Do You Mean by a Deck of Cards?

Deck of cards is the term used for a set of 52 cards consisting of different types of cards. 

It is also commonly referred to as a pack of cards.

Important Notes:

  • The sample space for a set of cards is 52 as there are 52 cards in a deck. This makes the denominator for finding the probability of drawing a card as 52.
  • Learn more about related terminology of probability to solve problems on card probability better. 

What Are the Types of Cards in a Deck?

We can classify types of cards in a deck in two ways:

  • Based on color of cards 
  • Based on suits

Based on color of cards:

There are two colors of cards in each deck:

  • Red
  • Black

The suits which are represented by red cards are hearts and diamonds while the suits represented by black cards are spades and clubs.

There are 26 red cards and 26 black cards. 

Let’s learn about the suits in a deck of cards.


Based on Suits

Suits in a deck of cards are the representations of red and black colors on the cards.

Math hacks and shortcuts - Suit of cards
Cards Probability

Based on suits, the types of cards in a deck are: 

  • Spades
  • Hearts
  • Diamonds
  • Clubs

Let’s see what each suit represents:

  • Spades 


cards probability - Spades
  • Hearts 
Cards Probability - Hearts
  • Clubs
Cards Probability - Clubs
  • Diamonds 

Cards Probability - Diamonds

There are 52 cards in a deck.

Each card can be categorized into 4 suits constituting 13 cards each.

There is one more categorization of a deck of cards: 

  • Face cards
  • Number cards
  • Aces
Face Cards

Number Cards

Four aces
Tips and Tricks

FAQs on Card Probability

1. How do you calculate the probability of drawing a card?

2. What is the probability of drawing any face card?

3. What is the probability of drawing a red card?

4. What is the probability of drawing a king or a red card?

5. What is the probability of drawing a king or a queen?

6. What are the 5 rules of probability

7. What is the probability of drawing a king of hearts?

8. Is Ace a face card in probability?

9. What is the probability it is not a face card?

10. How many black non-face cards are there in a deck?

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